Revolutionizing the Diagnostic Imaging Industry with SepStream’s Affordable and Scalable Solutions

Medical experts and healthcare providers are constantly seeking ways to increase patient care while lowering expenses in today’s fast-paced world. Medical imaging is one area where technology has advanced significantly. SepStream provides a selection of web-based solutions developed to satisfy healthcare practitioners’ imaging requirements. We will discuss SepStream’s products’ advantages and how they can benefit healthcare providers in this blog post.

Overview of SepStream Products

EMR/RIS/PACS, Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA), and DICOM Router/Archiving are the three primary solutions offered by SepStream. Healthcare professionals can choose the product that best meets their needs because each is made to address distinct imaging demands.


SepStream provides an entirely web-based EMR/RIS/PACS system with features including patient data, scheduling, management reports, and diagnostic reporting. Together with an advanced dictation/transcription module combined with the Philips Infinity Foot Pedal interface for transcription, the system also contains an EMR Fax Manager. This offers incoming and outbound digital fax solutions.

SepStream’s EMR/RIS/PACS has a significant advantage in scalability. The system is designed to grow with your operation’s needs and can be customized to meet your workflow requirements. Additionally, the system is HIPAA compliant, ensuring patient data security.

Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA)

SepStream’s VNA is a straightforward and cost-effective web-based DICOM router/archiving solution. When your business expands, it will be simple to add more storage space thanks to the VNA system’s scalability. It is also simple to integrate into your current workflow because it is compatible with pre-existing PACS and DICOM workstations from third parties.

The VNA’s automated and rule-based DICOM routing, which quickly routes data to the intended location, is one of its primary characteristics. Additionally, the system has a built-in backup/restore to media and complies with HIPAA, guaranteeing the security of patient data.

DICOM Router/Archiving

SepStream’s strong and scalable DICOM Router/Archiving system was created to fulfill your routing and storage demands. The solution is simple to integrate into your current workflow because it is compatible with pre-existing third-party PACS and DICOM workstations.

Data is efficiently transported to the intended destination thanks to automated and rule-based DICOM routing. Additionally, the system has a built-in backup/restore to media and complies with HIPAA, guaranteeing patient data security.

Benefits of SepStream’s Products

Scalability is one of SepStream’s main advantages. Each product is made to scale with your operation demands, making it simple to add more storage space or capabilities as your business grows. Moreover, the items are adaptable, so healthcare practitioners can tailor them to their workflows.

The price of SepStream’s services is another significant benefit. The company’s web-based solutions are affordable, making it simple for healthcare providers of all sizes to use them and reap their benefits.

SepStream’s products also include advanced security features. Since every product complies with HIPAA regulations, patient data is secure. Also, the solutions come with integrated backup and restore to media functions that make it simple to retrieve data in a catastrophe.


SepStream is dedicated to offering the medical sector accessible, effective, and secure web-based solutions. Our products ensure HIPAA compliance and data security while enhancing patient care, workflow, and efficiency. With more than ten years of experience in the field, we have the knowledge and tools necessary to satisfy the particular needs of our customers. We provide adaptable and scalable solutions that can grow with the business. SepStream is the partner you can trust if you’re seeking a dependable and cheap PACS, EMR, RIS, or VNA solution.

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