Future of Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing

The need for high-quality printed circuit boards (PCBs) has never been higher as technology advances unprecedentedly. Businesses in sectors ranging from telecommunications to aerospace need PCBs that are efficient and dependable.

They need PCBs that handle complicated applications and meet stringent performance standards. In this environment, APCT has established itself as a pioneer in the production and distribution of PCBs unmatched in quality and customer service.

Who is APCT?

In Silicon Valley, California—the hub of the technological sector—APCT was established in 1976. Since that time, the business has developed into one of the most reputable PCB suppliers worldwide, with an unrivaled reputation for quality and service. For some of the most demanding clients in the world, APCT specializes in premium PCB fabrication, offering everything from prototype development to large-scale production runs.

APCT’s Quality Commitment

APCT’s dedication to quality permeates every facet of its business. Every employee of the business, from top management down to the technical teams, is committed to giving its customers the highest quality goods and services possible. The organization is devoted to overall customer satisfaction through quality leadership and ongoing process improvement, according to its straightforward yet effective quality policy.

To do this, APCT has implemented a thorough set of protocols and processes. This is to guarantee that every PCB it makes satisfies the highest requirements for quality and dependability. The company’s dedication to quality is clear in every aspect, from its stringent testing procedures to its investment in cutting-edge machinery and personnel training.

The use of cutting-edge engineering technologies is one method APCT achieves this level of excellence. The company’s engineering team has created a set of instruments and procedures that allow them to see possible problems with a PCB design. This is before it enters production. Pre-engineering analysis reduces expensive production delays or errors while ensuring final product efficiency and dependability.

APCs’ Service Commitment

In addition to emphasizing quality, APCT is committed to providing top-notch service to its customers. The company has made significant investments in its processes to ensure it can satisfy its customers’ demands, who demand quick turnaround times and consistent delivery.

With quick-turn capabilities in through-hole technology of 24 hours for 2-10 layers; 48 hours for 12-24 layers; and only 3-15 days for HDI technology work, depending on the number of lab cycles, APCT’s standard lead times are consistently faster than industry standards. Fast cycle times, however, are useless without flawless quality, and APCT has established a culture of continual development to guarantee both.

APCT’s customer support team is similarly dedicated to excellent service. A wide range of customization options, from finish material to through-hole variations, are available, and the company’s engineers are always available to discuss special project demands. Customers can obtain the precise goods they need and are always kept updated on the status of their purchases thanks to this level of personalized care.

Investment in Technology

To stay competitive, APCT is dedicated to investing in cutting-edge technology and cutting-edge equipment. With this investment, we have retained the highest level of product quality while streamlining our production processes, reducing lead times, and improving our procedures.

Our brand-new plant in Orange County, California, with its cutting-edge machinery and technological capabilities for producing high-density interconnect (HDI) boards, is one illustration of this commitment. Our investment in this facility allows us to build these boards, which are crucial for next-generation technologies, faster and more precisely than ever before.

Continuous improvement

APCT believes there is always room for development. We have created a culture of constant improvement across the board because of this. We have protocols in place to ensure these ideas are assessed and implemented if they increase our quality or efficiency. We encourage our staff to contribute ideas and suggestions for enhancing our operations.

To find areas for improvement, we also regularly audit and examine our procedures. We can ensure that we are giving our clients the finest products and services available by consistently assessing and improving our processes.


A market leader in printed circuit boards for manufacturing and research & development, APCT is dedicated to quality, innovation, and client satisfaction. To offer our consumers the best quality goods and services, we depend on our enthusiasm, devotion, and trust.

We adhere to sustainability and environmental responsibility, invest in cutting-edge technology and equipment, and promote a culture of continual progress. We have stayed at the top of our business and provide our consumers with the highest quality goods and services. This is because of our dedication to perfection.

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