Empowering Businesses through Custom App Development and Consultancy


Businesses in the modern digital world need cutting-edge technologies and creative solutions to stay ahead of the curve. Here’s when independent software developer and consultant Henrik Bolte enters the scene. Henrik gives businesses the tools they need to turn their ideas into reality thanks to his significant experience in app development and consulting.

From Corporate Life to Freelance Excellence

While working for prominent firms like Neusoft Technology Solutions in Germany during his corporate career, Henrik Bolte developed a passion for software development. His journey, however, took an unexpected turn when he traveled to South East Asia for a working vacation. He encountered pandemic difficulties. Henrik changed his career to independent software development and consultation because he was determined to adapt and succeed.

Embracing remote work and global collaboration

Henrik chose Thailand as his new home and accepted remote work advantages. Henrik seamlessly integrates into development teams globally while working across time zones, providing his knowledge to both large corporations and start-ups. Along with his strong work ethic and creative thinking, his versatility and ability to lead teams make him an excellent asset to any project.

Comprehensive App Development Services

Henrik Bolte is an expert in full-cycle app development and serves companies on the web, iOS, and Android platforms. Henrik excels at cross-platform development using hybrid and Progressive Web Software (PWA) technologies, whether it’s a ready-made solution or fully customized software. Henrik makes sure that every app is in line with the client’s goals and specifications from conceptualization and design to development and deployment.

App Consultancy: Guiding Businesses to Success

In addition to his coding skills, Henrik provides excellent app consulting services. He works with clients on numerous facets of their projects with a sharp eye for detail and an in-depth knowledge of the app development industry. Henrik offers insights into task-related migration tasks, feature development, enhancement, design improvements, bug repairs, web app deployment, and backend solutions. His advice guarantees companies make wise choices and streamline app development procedures.

Addressing Challenges: Bug Fixing and Maintenance

Henrik Bolte knows problems might arise with even the finest software over time. He provides bug fixing and maintenance services to handle this. Henrik’s technical knowledge enables him to see problems right away and find solutions, ensuring apps operate without interruption. He assists companies in maintaining the functionality and customer satisfaction of their apps through painstaking debugging and thorough maintenance.

Beyond App Development: Supplementary Services

Henrik excels above and beyond by offering extra services that improve app development for businesses. Backend solutions, the creation of Capacitor plugins, the setup of CI/CD pipelines, app customization, and project management are all included in this. Businesses can take advantage of these additional services for smooth app development experiences thanks to Henrik’s broad skill set and dedication to quality.


Henrik Bolte is a freelance software developer and consultant who empowers organizations through custom apps and consulting services. This is in the quickly changing digital landscape. His transition from a corporate job to remote work is a testament to his adaptability and tenacity. Henrik stands out as a valued partner for organizations worldwide due to his knowledge of app development. He also leads clients through various stages of development. Businesses that choose Henrik Bolte can transform their app concepts into reality by using his experience, expertise, and dedication to supplying high-quality solutions that fuel success in today’s cutthroat market.

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